3 Secrets to the Best Eyebrow

Mission Viejo Eyebrow salon

1. Find your brow bone!

When it comes to eyebrows, one of the goals is to elongate the face. To do this, grab your brow brush and hold it against the bridge of your nose to determine where your eyebrow should starts and turn it in a diagonal towards your outer eye to define the bare minimum of where it should end. You should create an arch 2/3 of the way out.

2. Color and tweeze!

Tweeze your brow and use a brow powder to fill gaps.
Tip: When filling gaps with powder, use a light hand, not a heavy hand…and color in vs out.

3. Instant eye lift!

Apply highlighter below the arch of your brow for an instant eye-lift and under the eyes to camouflage dark shadows.

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