Eliminating hair color fade and washout

Looking for a way to refresh your hair color between services??? We just got in the NEW Pure Blends color deposit conditioners by Pure NV. With 9 hydrating vibrant shades, we can’t rave enough how great these products are to eliminate color fade and washout.

Pure NV

We’ve listed a few more ways below to help you keep your color longer:

1. Trade in the color out of a box from your drugstore for professional products or even professional service.
2. Use mild, sulfate-free, shampoo to wash your hair…such as Pure NV’s color depositing shampoo.
3. When using styling products, make sure they’re alcohol-free.
4. Use color depositing products as those mentioned above by Pure NV.
5. Take better care of your hair because dry or damaged hair has a more difficult time in retaining color.
6. Shampoo less, condition more, in fact…deep condition.
7. Shower better by keeping your hair away from under running water unless you’re rinsing, replacing scolding hot water with warm water, and adding a filter to your showerhead to cut down on minerals like iron and lime, which are harsh on dyes.

There you have it, seven tips to help you hold onto longer, lasting hair color!

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