Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Photo courtesy of www.dailywt.com.
Photo courtesy of www.dailywt.com.

If you or anyone you know has brown eyes, I’m sure you’ve either said or heard something along the lines of wishing you had any other eye color besides “boring brown.” However, the truth is…brown eyes are actually the most versatile color to play off and enhance eye makeup. In fact, when it comes to choose eye makeup, here’s one of the greatest tips around…instead of focusing on your “eye color,” focus on your “eye shape.”

Allow us to elaborate. It you have…

Small Eyes/Asian Eyes:

You can easily create the look of bigger eyes by following the below steps:

1. Apply a medium shade over the outer two-thirds of the lid.
2. Apply a light shade eye makeup over the inner one-third of your lid and under the brow bone.
3. With your darkest shade, create a sideways V in the outer corner of the eye, extending the shade slightly beyond the natural corner of the eyes.
4. Blend the three shades well.
5. Apply eye liner ONLY on the outer third or the top and bottom lash lines. If you apply liner on the inner rim, it’ll close the look of your eye.
6. Apply lash primer and two coats of mascara OR big false/accent lashes. WE LOVE Minki Lashes! Wearing Minki Lashes eliminates the need for mascara. You can also opt in for mink lash extensions to add the appearance of size to your eye (and the extensions last up to two months!), which is the fastest growing beauty treatment in professional salons across the US and Canada!

Round Eyes:

When it comes to round eyes, the goal is to make the shape appear more elongated. In order to accomplish this, you should:

1. Apply a medium shade on your lid.
2. Then, apply a dark shade half-way in on your upper lid.
3. Blend through the entire crease as well as under the lower lash line.
4. Next, with your darkest shade, create a sideways V in the outer corner of the eye, extending the shade slightly beyond the natural corner of the eyes.
5. Add a finishing touch with long, tapered demi lashes to further draw the eye outward, into more of an almond shape. Individual eyelashes in outer corners will also work here. Again…WE LOVE the look of the Minki Lashes!

Hooded Eyes:

When you have hooded eyes, your lid folds over on itself, thus hooded eye makeup can be tricky. But here’s what you can do:

1. Apply primer.
2. Apply a lighter color on the lid.
3. Apply a medium shade slightly above your natural crease (more on the skin that folds over), to recede the look of that extra skin.
5. Keep the dark color to the extreme outer V.
6. Apply a waterproof and budge-proof eye liner. We recommend a liquid or gel liner.
7. Apply false lashes that are a bit longer in the center as to help open up your eyes and make your chosen eye shadow colors for brown eyes pop!

Almond Shape Eyes:

Are your eyes almond shape? If so, the good news is that almond shape eyes are the most universally flattering shape.

In short, if you’re a brown eyed girl, appreciate it! When it comes to eye makeup, such as creating a smokey eye look, you can wear any color. Just take note of your shape and in general, your best look may entail the darker shade on your lid, medium shade through the crease (blend well), dark shade in the outer V, and topped off with liner both on the upper and lower lash line, as well as the inner rim.

One more thing, regardless of the shape, don’t forget to:

1. Apply primer to your entire lid, blend, and let dry
2. Well-groom your brows
3. “A good rule of thumb is that whatever shade of eye (deep, medium, light), your best colors are usually found on the same level of colors. For instance, deep brown eyes usually look best with darker shadows, and can withstand darker liner…and so on. And each brown-eye hue has a corresponding set of optimal eyeshadow colors for brown eyes that will help create the perfect eye makeup look for your eye shape. Dark brown – best colors are forest greens, dark grays, deep plums. Medium brown – best colors are purples, greens, coppers. Light brown – best colors are neutrals, golds, vibrant greens. (The same holds true for shimmer and metallic eyeshadow colors for brown eyes).” Read more.

There you have it…Brown Eyes…they’re amazing, sexy, and sultry!

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