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Get Gorgeous, Effortless, Balanced, & Youthful Eyebrows Enhancing Your Eyes, Facial Features, Skin Tone, & Bone Structure!

By the sought after,

Dennis Alves Silva

What is MicroBlading/semi-permanent makeup and how does it create great eyebrows?

Eyebrows off fleek? Tired of brow pencils, powders, and gel? Drained from shaping, coloring, and filling in your eyebrows? We have a solution! Mission Viejo Beauty is now offering Microblading, a semi-permanent, 3D solution to achieving perfectly groomed, shaped, defined, and correctly colored brows lasting about 18 months. Smudge-free and not requiring reapplication throughout the day, microblading is the answer to achieving effortless, beautiful, balanced, and youthful brows.

Arched, curved, straight, thick, thin, dark, light, etc, etc…when it comes to eyebrows quite a few options exist and selection depend on the shape of your face and skin tone. Therefore, before you begin treatment, a consultation is required. During the consult, we’ll review and discuss your current brows, unique bone structure, face contours, as well as your shape and color preferences.

Afterwards, your new, desired brows are outlined in with a…Learn more…

Dennis Alves Silva has had a passion for the beauty industry most of his adult life. Originally from Jacundá, Brazil, he has 12+ years of experience in the cosmetology and permanent makeup industry. A graduate of the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California, and the Mag Estética School in São Paulo, Brazil, Dennis believes in continual education and remains at the forefront of his field through his ongoing international training.

Dennis specializes in eyebrow design and permanent makeup. Highly skilled in microblading techniques, he has the gift and ability to create gorgeous, yet natural-looking results. In addition to his technical expertise, Dennis has the knowledge and proven expertise in designing the perfect eyebrow shape to enhance your facial features, skin tone, bone structure, as well as compliment your natural beauty and personality.


Dennis Alves Silva

Mission Viejo Eyebrow

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