Skin care tips for aging skin

Fine lines and wrinkles? Discoloration and stressed skin? Crow’s feet? Aging is inevitable, but looking your age is optional. Dermalogica skin therapist share some of their tricks of the trade! Smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes Layer Extra Firming Booster under MultiVitamin Power Firm (or mix them together) to help strengthen and protect[…]

Microblading – Semi Permanent Solution for On Fleek Eyebrows

Eyebrows off fleek? Tired of brow pencils, powders, and gel? Drained from shaping, coloring, and filling in your eyebrows? We have a solution! Mission Viejo Beauty is now offering Microblading, a semi-permanent, 3D solution to achieving perfectly groomed, shaped, defined, and correctly colored brows lasting about 18 months. Smudge-free and not requiring reapplication throughout the[…]

How Does Chlorine Damage Hair & How to Prevent and Treat It

Summer is almost here! The heat is turning up a notch, kids are starting summer break, and pool season is off to a full swing. You’d probably agree, a dip in the pool is quite refreshing, a great workout, and all so relaxing (pending if it’s heated just right). However, on the downside, if you’re[…]

Transforming a Mission Viejo Beauty Salon to Transform Lives

Constantly on the go between work, school, kids, marriage, and life, Dina Murad knew that if she didn’t create the time for self-care she wouldn’t have the mental and physical strength to maintain a happy and balanced lifestyle; therefore, when the opportunity arose to purchase and transform a worn out Mission Viejo beauty supply store[…]

Eliminating hair color fade and washout

Looking for a way to refresh your hair color between services??? We just got in the NEW Pure Blends color deposit conditioners by Pure NV. With 9 hydrating vibrant shades, we can’t rave enough how great these products are to eliminate color fade and washout. We’ve listed a few more ways below to help you[…]

Permanent Make-Up

Full brows, luscious lips, and seductive eyes are all the rage and one of the biggest beauty secrets to achieving such a look is…permanent makeup. Permanent makeup, also known as Intradermal Pigmentation is the technique of applying natural pigmentation into the second layer of the skin, the dermal. This is different from getting a tattoo[…]

Reducing Wrinkles

While wrinkles naturally come with age, they do indicate where your smiles have been. Love the aging process and embrace your wrinkles. We know…easier said than done. If you’re struggling with the concept of getting older, here are a few tips to help “delay” the process via reducing your wrinkles. 1. Sleep On Your Back[…]