Hair conditioning and the 9 things no one ever told you about

Hair care
From coating and smoothing the hair shaft to protecting and treating from heat damage and harsh environments, hair conditioning should be a must in your hair care routine. In fact, the right hair conditioner can make your hair healthy, vibrant, strong, and moisturized.

But…DID YOU KNOW? Hair conditioners…

  1. Make great styling products
  2. Hydrate follicles
  3. Should be used before you shampoo
  4. Shouldn’t condition your roots
  5. Must be applied differently onto hair-colored strands
  6. Don’t require shampooing prior
  7. Can last a lifetime
  8. If chosen incorrectly, can damage your hair
  9. Won’t work the same for everyone

Learn more about the above 9 on Women’s Health Magazine.

Please note, there are many different types of hair conditioners, so it’s important to identify your hair type and hair needs in order to pick the right one. If you’ve ever questioned your hair type, for instance whether it’s frizzy or curly…then stop by and one of our hair professionals can help you figure it all out and assure that next time you’re choosing the perfect hair conditioner, you choose the right one.

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