Microblading – Semi Permanent Solution for On Fleek Eyebrows

Eyebrows off fleek? Tired of brow pencils, powders, and gel? Drained from shaping, coloring, and filling in your eyebrows? We have a solution! Mission Viejo Beauty is now offering Microblading, a semi-permanent, 3D solution to achieving perfectly groomed, shaped, defined, and correctly colored brows lasting about 18 months. Smudge-free and not requiring reapplication throughout the day, microblading is the answer to achieving effortless, beautiful, balanced, and youthful brows.

Arched, curved, straight, thick, thin, dark, light, etc, etc…when it comes to eyebrows quite a few options exist and selection depend on the shape of your face and skin tone. Therefore, before you begin treatment, a consultation is required. During the consult, we’ll review and discuss your current brows, unique bone structure, face contours, as well as your shape and color preferences.

Afterwards, your new, desired brows are outlined in with a pencil and if they meet your satisfaction, the brow area is numbed. Next, using a hand tool with superfine needles, colored pigment is implanted under your skin with tiny, hair-like strokes. Unlike a tattoo, the results are not permanent as the pigment is not implanted deep into the skin, which is a good thing since faces and styles change over time. To create the 3D effect, gradually, the strokes are made denser with increasing strokes and multiple shades of pigment.

Microblading is perfect for anyone seeking shaped, defined, and filled brows. It’s the solution to filling in over plucked eyebrows, creating the shape you’ve always desired, treating hair loss, adding definition, covering scars, lengthening shorter eyebrows, thickening thin brows, correcting asymmetry, and simplifying your brow routine, including for those with an active lifestyle or with difficulty applying conventional makeup.

They say eyes are the window to the soul, thus, your brows are the frame to the face. They’re one of the first noticed and most defining facial features, making or breaking your look. Done properly, they emphasize your eyes, accentuate your expression, and give symmetry to your face. Achieving and maintaining great eyebrows are not easy, but with microblading you now can in about 2 hours with no downtime.
Check-out these before and afters!

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