Microblading - semi-permanent makeupMicroblading – Semi Permanent Solution for Great Eyebrows

Eyebrows still off fleek? Tired of the brow pencils, powders, and gel? Drained from shaping, coloring, and filling in your eyebrows? We have a solution! Mission Viejo Beauty is now offering Microblading, a semi-permanent, 3D solution to achieving perfectly groomed, shaped, defined, and correctly colored brows lasting about 18 months. Smudge-free and not requiring reapplication throughout the day, microblading is the answer to achieving effortless, beautiful, balanced, and youthful brows.



Mission Viejo Eyebrow Threading

Creating perfectly shaped eyebrows to compliment your face more effectively than tweezing as well as neater and cleaner than waxing.



ThreadingNot only do your eyebrows frame your face, but they accentuate your facial features. With or without make-up, they have the power to transform your face, accentuate your eyes, compliment the contours of your cheeks, and enhance your facial appearance & look. That’s why one of the most effective and quickest ways to transform your look is by shaping your eyebrows. However, shaping eyebrows isn’t necessarily easy. It’s an art requiring balancing…assuring your eyebrows aren’t too thick, too thin, or unnatural. At Mission Viejo Beauty Salon, not only do we offer eyebrow waxing, but we also provide eyebrow threading. Our threading expert carefully shapes your eyebrows into beautiful arches while pulling your hair roots carefully from the most delicate of facial areas using a single thread.

Brow shaping & facial threading prices


Lip $15
Brows $15
Chin $15
Neck $10
Sides $20
Upper Lip and Brow Combo $25
Full Face $40

*Prices subject to change

You must never underestimate the power of a good brow.




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