Tis’ the season for red lips

Red lipsRed lipstick is bold, classic, and the perfect touch for your holiday look. However, unfortunately many women wrongly assume they can’t wear it.

The truth is, you can wear it. The trick is to choose a shade that suits your skin tone while staying light with the rest of your make-up. But how do you choose the right shade?

Since we’re in the holiday season, sticking to dark reds with brown or chocolate hues is the way to go. However, if you don’t feel that’s right for you, choose a shade that suits you.

The general rule of thumb is that if your complexion is pinkish, you should go towards a shade with plum tones. If it’s yellowish, warmer reds with a brown base would be your best bet. But here’s our suggestion…don’t go off a general rule of thumb. Come in and try a bunch of shades and pick the one that looks best on you. One of our beauty professionals can help you find just the right color.

On a similar note, here are two additional tips. One, since red lipstick tends to bleed, make sure to fill in your lips with lip liner or lip primer first. And two, if you’re older, you’ll notice that your lips might have thinned as you’ve age. Therefore, in such a case, choose a rosy red to give you that pop of color without accentuating the thinner lips.

Red lips can really change your look and present you with a whole new confidence that you didn’t know you had. It can turn heads and take your look to an entire different level…for the better of course. So stop on in and we’ll help you find that perfect shade to flaunt this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

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