Transforming a Mission Viejo Beauty Salon to Transform Lives

Mission Viejo Hair Salon

Mission Viejo Hair SalonConstantly on the go between work, school, kids, marriage, and life, Dina Murad knew that if she didn’t create the time for self-care she wouldn’t have the mental and physical strength to maintain a happy and balanced lifestyle; therefore, when the opportunity arose to purchase and transform a worn out Mission Viejo beauty supply store into an affordable, yet quality full-service salon and store (Mission Viejo Beauty Salon and Supply), she leaped in to pursuit a crusade to transform lives one client at a time.

Beginning from her early teens, Murad believed in the necessity to practice preventative skin and hair care. While aging is a beautiful part of life, too often, individuals get wrapped up in their daily responsibilities and stresses, that they put off such simple things as regularly trimming their hair, washing the make-up off at night, applying daily sunscreen and moisturizer, eating healthy, working out, etc… Then when the lack of self-care strikes back, with such consequences as damaged hair, acne, aging spots, premature wrinkles, and weight gain, individuals are at loss at what to do. They waste money on trying a variety of products and services and following DIY recipes, which many times they’re not realizing that they’re doing more harm than good.

Murad’s goal with the creation of Mission Viejo Beauty was not to bring in another beauty salon and store into the community, but rather design a safe and knowledgeable environment for women, men, and children to understand their self (i.e. type of hair, skin, what complement’s one’s look), identify their beauty and non-beauty goals, and set a game plan that they can maintain (time-wise and financially).

Per Murad, “I wanted to create a space where people can come in for educating, caring, and treating their hair, skin, and the body they live in to achieve a healthy and flawless self. You see, I have always understood the necessity for and prioritized skin care and love makeup…I enjoy connecting with people & building relationships. I always say the quality of our relationships is the quality of our life. And I believe and practice the value of doing for others, as you would have them do for you. Speak truth, serve with integrity & share generously.”

From hair, skin, make-up, nails, and more, a Mission Viejo Beauty expert can discuss one’s needs and concerns and put together a custom solution.

Mission Viejo Beauty is located at 25102 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA 92692.

For more information, visit , 949.597.9797,

About Mission Viejo Beauty
Mission Viejo Beauty Salon and Supply is a full service salon and store in Mission Viejo, CA providing a safe and knowledgeable environment to educate, care, and treat client’s beauty needs with affordability and quality on mind. They offer a range of services and products for women, men, and children, including a full service hair and skin salon, hair removal, permanent make-up, eyelash extensions, men’s grooming, and more.

Mission Viejo Beauty Salon and Supply
Dina Murad


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